I offer the highest quality art education you can give to your child for a very modest rate. My small class size offers ample 1:1 guidance and opportunity for group collaboration. I do this because I LOVE seeing the spark of enquiry and mentoring artists through the creative process. I have guided big kids at the Rhode Island School of Design, taught children and adolescents at the Glassell Junior School of Art in Houston (the school of the MFA) and public elementary schools in California.

With students at the Glassell Junior School I created a dynamic large-scale bas relief mural for the Texas Children’s Hospital lobby, in Houston, as well as several large murals throughout the hospital. I have work on permanent display at the Children’s Museum in Houston and in the private collection of Alfred C. Glassell, as well– becauseĀ I had a really great creative mentor who believed in me.

I’ve been paying it forward, so to speak, ever since. I have great faith in the human capacity to think differently and to share that unique vision with others. Watching a child develop visual thinking skills is a pleasure and to ignite it is a personal joy.

I’m a graduate of Texas A&M University and studied at The Rhode Island School of Design.

I renewed my CPR license in September 2017 and I have four children of my own who have given me all sorts of other useful skills.



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