Classes and Workshops

All classes are 1:1 for maximum engagement. Workshops are held in small groups.

To protect us all, I strongly encourage masks when any of us is either exposed to someone who is ill or is unwell, herself. There is always the Zoom class option, either ongoing or during these times. Online lessons are held over Zoom.

Studio classes are held my studio, a bright space in the historic Rogers Hotel in downtown Waxahachie. It’s a time to come in for individual mentoring, skill sharing and inspiration. All ages are welcome to come and grow! Supplies are all provided, and all of you will be expected to fill and enjoy the sketchbook I give you!
Studio class schedule

Online art lessons are held over Zoom and allow you, the student, to work from home or wherever you can manage to maintain a good online connection! As in the studio lessons, each student gets individualized attention, direction and a sketchbook. Art supplies needed for class are minimal, but as we grow in our experience that list will grow, as well!

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Workshops are held in small groups of seven or fewer. We either meet out and about in Waxahachie, or at my studio downtown, across from the County Courthouse.

Upcoming Workshops